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About Us

Medad for publication and distribution publishing house Emirati ambitious young woman seeking to excellence where interested in taking creations of young and ambitious and is working to support and development, and aims to raise the level of intellectual in various fields and the formation of a new generation of writers at a high level of creativity and works to encourage new writers, are also interested in the deployment of novels and stories, short stories and studies that deal with the United Arab Emirates. Outrigger for publication and distribution of books that promote care about national identity and loyalty to the state and interested in the book and the creators of Emirati and Gulf Arabs.

We scientific intellectual missionary Dar adopt every thought meaningful rise in the field of publishing culture in the homeland and in the various fields of knowledge locked the sanctity of the floor and gravity.

We house paint ink pens authentic cultural projects sprawling strong starting points.

We are heading towards Dar creations childhood care, and adoption of the talents of young people, and attracting a product of intellectual elites.



We look forward to open broad prospects for the culture of the UAE to be an ambassador in each carrier flung her flares of literature and thought of the UAE heritage and authentic.


Medad for publication and distribution provide for printing and proofreading and art direction of the book in addition to the cover design, publishing and distribution, and also provide for the payment of fees owed to official bodies for under the deposit book to extract the necessary approvals for the publication and distribution.


Tel: +97142849211, Fax : +97142849210

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