How I Elevated my Consciousness

How I Elevated my Consciousness

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First of all, naming my book came easily to me. The first title that came to my mind was

“Intellectual Development Using Technical Terminology,” but shortly before publishing the book I changed the title to one that is closer to my heart. I also did that because the purpose behind the book is to introduce the concept of self-improvement in a simplified way, using the working mechanism of technical terminology. You now might be wondering what self-improvement has to do with technical terminology?

Thanks to the guidance of God Almighty, I succeeded at writing this book where I discuss the secrets of the mind and its working mechanism according to scientific research by experts in this field. I also explain some of the concepts related to self-improvement while linking them to simple technical terminology to allow the reader to elevate their level of awareness and perception yet giving them the free will to choose an individual approach that best suits them.

My target audience is those who find it difficult to reach the maximum level of awareness when it comes to self-improvement. There is no shame in that, for I myself only came to understand that world a short while ago, after my mind connected those mechanisms and inspired me to start writing once again to finally present you with my findings on this subject matter.

My findings are backed by scientific research conducted by experts in the field of human psychology and my vast experience in the science of information technology. Hence, I resorted to writing this topic to simplify the related concepts and clarify how to connect the mechanism of the mind with technical terminology.

Although the terminology found in the science of information technology field is wide, for the purpose of this book, I have chosen a small number of terms to make it easier for the reader to understand their meaning and allow them to swiftly connect them with the logic behind self-improvement.

40,00 د.إ

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