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The book is about a character who is born and brought up in the UAE. The story involves the person’s journey from childhood to adulthood and also talks about the personal achievements during his life. There are also explanations about his experiences in a new country and how he adjusted to the same. The story takes a look at all aspects and difficulties faced by the person.

The story also involves his personal and professional life. His personal life including family and love are highlighted. His professional achievements are also captured in the book. All aspects of his life during his personal and professional growth has been captured. The book also includes various quotes and messages from leading personalities worldwide who have inspired him through his life. There are mentions about national spirit and hobbies of the person.

The book is created as a motivational and inspirational guide for people are to read it. The book aims to stimulate and inspire its readers to work hard and achieve their own personal goals even if faced with difficulties.

35,00 د.إ

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